Travel musings – Maheshwar

When you are not in the mood to visit huge magnificent forts, why not explore the simple and serene Ahilyabai Holkar fort at Maheshwar? The river view of Narmada from the open arched windows of the fort complex is an experience in itself!

Breakfast diaries

When I feel bloated or over weight (being overweight is indeed a feeling), I tend to go on a detox. But since I have a huge appetite, fruits and raw/boiled vegetables aren’t fulfilling to me. Enter #pyaazkiroti – basically #pyaazparatha without ghee. A bowl of yogurt to aid digestion and bam! I have a healthy…

Travel musings – Laitlum Canyon

You, with all your flawsSomehow hold your swayOver this silly little girl inside me.How did I start lovingTo laugh at your antics?

Travel musings – Uttarakhand

These withered trailsAnd the shrivelled 🍂 leavesMust be blossoming in the rainsBut how would I knowBecause the mountains are far awayFar far away

Travel wonders – Mc Leod Gunj

The silence of the storm. This is an actual picture clicked by me just before a heavy downpour in McLeod Gunj. I was tired to the hell after coming back from a snow trek which didn’t culminate in the desired destination (Kareri Lake). Add to it the snowstorm that we had to face a makeshift…

Travel musings – Cherrapunjee

Seldom I was looking for youAnd seldom did I think about youNever knew how you came to restIn my erratic thoughtsAnd random dreams. Taken from my poem “Unexpected” Seven sisters Falls in the background.