Young Wild Free Cafe, Satyaniketan – Restaurant Review

One of the many pocket friendly restaurants in Satyaniketan, this cafe’s delectable menu and high ratings will pester you to experience the food here.

But my suggestion is to go there rather than placing an order.

Yesterday, we decided to try this one out for dinner. The person on the line was very courteous and helped us with the order. There is an extra 30 bucks charged for deliveries outside Satyaniketan – they have not placed this information on Zomato. Nonetheless I still went on with the order. It took 1 hour for the order to arrive because of a new delivery boy but I would rather blame it on the lack of co-ordination between the owner and the delivery boy when it came to contacting me. They deducted 30 bucks from my bill because the reached me well above 45 minutes. Good on their part.

Now the food. We ordered the 7 pepper pizza, the Green Island Pizza and Penne Alfredo Pasta. Since the delivery was last and the order was not wrapped in an insulating pouch, the pizzas were a bit cold and hard to eat. They were thin crusted which made the chewing even more difficult. The 7 pepper pizza was good with the chilly flavour of red, yellow and green bell peppers, jalapeños, black and white pepper in addition to the sweet corn. The amount of cheese was a bit less in this but the flavours compensated for the lack of cheese. The Green Island one was very bland with an extra amount of cheese. It had red and green Zucchini, sweet corn, tomatoes, olives and mushrooms. The cheese was the only saving grace. The amount of oregano and salt was also quite less and they had not given extra chilli flakes or oregano with the delivery.

The Penne Alfredo was the best with well cooked Penne Pasta along with a creamy drool worthy white sauce gravy. The quantity of vegetables was also good. Broccoli, black olives, green Zucchini were used which made it the best of the three dishes that we ordered. The herbs were also in the right quantity. They also gave two garlic breads which that had gone very chewy due to late delivery. But their taste was still better than the Green Island Pizza.

They make 9″ pizzas but they don’t have the boxes to fit the pizzas inside properly. One of ours was actually folded from the sides.

I wish to eat out here again to assess their food.

Penne Alfredo
Penne Alfredo


The Green Island Pizza


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