Sweet Tooth – Bikanervala, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi

Forget the crackers, I care about sweets on Diwali.

This Diwali, I wanted to try some new sweets. I was bored with the usual Gulab Jamun and Kaju Barfi. I usually binge on them so much around the year. Same goes for my family. This year, I decided to try a new outlet and some news sweets.

Me and my sister were instructed to get two sweets – one supposed to be a traditional favorite and the other one, of our choice. We zeroed on Besan ke laddoo and Chhaina Sandesh from Bikanervala at Chanakyapuri.

Besan Laddoo – the best I have had till date. They were soft and laden with desi ghee. You could actually get the distinct waft of ghee when you bring yourself near one of the laddoos. They were neither dry because of the amount of ghee nor oily .The marks of your incisors which can be seen when you bite into a besan laddoo will not be seen here. And the sweetness was medium – subtle would be a good word. Ideal for me. And even after keeping them refrigerated for one day, they did not become stone hard.

Chhaina Sandesh – In case of Bengali sweets, I do not have much experience. I have loved Sandesh but Chhaina Sandesh – this time, first time. First of all, they did not taste like Chhaina – they are supposed to be spongy. This Sandesh tasted powdery. The presentation of this sweet was excellent and there were hints of rose water in it. The sweetness was okay but it tasted dry.I need to eat this from a few more outlets before I can analyse it’s taste. If anyone reading this post can help me on this sweet, thank you very much, I will be waiting for your insights.



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