Biryani Blues, Sector – 56, Gurgaon – Restaurant Review

A Mughlai or a Hyderabadi supper is never complete without a biryani and biryani lovers like me are mesmerised by the complexity of flavours in these dishes. The style of making biryani, the richness of coarse spices in it, the aromatic basmati rice used, the juicy chicken/mutton pieces and the belly filling wholesome dish is a haven for foodies. And not every outlet can dish out a great biryani, mind you. And that is where Biryani Blues has impressed me.


Biryani is cooked at my home and I have a habit of judging it harshly. Biryani Blues has gone through my rough judgment as well. Let me elaborate my experience :


Hyderabadi Chicken Biryani: The long grained basmati is surely there to entice you. The strong aroma of spices – black cardomam, cinnamon and cumin will definitely take you to a different place. What I love the most was that they had used cumin which lended a very different taste. The chicken pieces were juicy and a bit tangy. In fact the biryani had a subtle tanginess to it. They had not used tomatoes, so I am pretty much unaware what ingredient they had used.


Mutton Biryani : This dish is itself divine and when hard boiled eggs are adorning it, what to say! This was spicier compared to chicken biryani. The mutton pieces were loaded with herbs – the spices had penetrated to the insides which is a feat in itself.


Saalan : A lovely accompaniment to the biryanis. Cooked in curry leaves, black mustard seeds and coconut, this was thick and tangy.


Raita : Chopped onions and mint leaves filling thick yoghurt. Yummy to the core.

Both the biryanis had the typical flavour of Hyderabadi Biryani where the spiciness level is slowly build up.

The manager of this outlet is very courteous and tried to deliver the order on time though my office is pretty far away.

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