Restaurant Review : Bun Intended, Greater Kailash, New Delhi

Whenever we talk about burgers, we are always reminded of Mc. Donald’s – optimally priced and belly filling. But if you are craving huge burgers with big patties and dollops of sauce/cheese along with crispy French fries, then welcome to Bun Intended! Believe me, this outlet is heaven for burger lovers. And when you think of ordering something from here, just forget calories.


The outlet opens at 7pm and caters to late night deliveries as well. So your midnight burger cravings can be satiated by Bun Intended. They have got a variety of vegetarian as well as non vegetarian burgers to chose from as well as two sizes of buns available in L and XL. And believe me, XL is pretty big. They have an option of BYOB – bring your own burger which is a delight for food explorers. And they also have a good range of Baos also.


Here are the items I tried :


Magic Shroom Burger : The best of the lot! I never ever imagined that mushrooms could be grounded and made into a delectable patty. The shiitake and the button mushrooms used here were grounded into potato mash and formed into a heavy patty which was grilled to perfection. The patty tasted yummy and was soft to the core. The sauteed onion rings, fresh lettuce leaves and the melted goat cheese complemented the patty. The buns were soft and were branded with the logo of Bun Intended. To top it all, a sliced black olive was placed on the toothpick holding the burger.


Tree Hugger Burger : Copious amounts of vegetables in this burger made it huge. The slices of red and yellow bell peppers were carrying sliced mushrooms and tomatoes in marinara sauce along with huge slices of aubergine and zucchinis. The buns were topped with lettuce leaves and melted Parmesan cheese. The whole ensemble was tasty, the vegetables were grilled well, the marinara sauce was tangy and had hints of spiciness, the cheese was gooey and you could taste the thyme and black pepper in the vegetables. However I wish that a patty was there instead of lose vegetables because it is difficult to eat this one with the vegetables getting out time and again.


Cajun Crispy Chicken: The chicken patties were way too crispy and chewy here but good to eat. However I could not get the usual flavour of Cajun spices. The sliced bell peppers and the cheddar went well with the chicken though.


French fries with garlic aioli : These came with each burger and man, they were amazing! The fries were crispy and the garlic aioli was too good. The latter had a runny texture with the obviously prominent flavour of garlic.


Slow roasted Lamb Bao : My first encounter with the Bao could not have been so great. The baos were so soft and had a filling of lamb chunks and jullienes of bell peppers. The lamb was roasted well and tasted chewy.


Carrot cake : Lovely! It was topped with cream which had coconut milk in it. The cake was so goddamm spongy and soft and the cream was ohh-so-smooth. The sweetness level was subtle here and a prominent aroma of coconut was lingering.
Peanut Butter Nutella shake : The perfect end to a foodgasmic dinner! The Nutella and the peanut butter complemented each other – salt and sweet combo.

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