Fat Lulu’s, Cross Point Mall, Gurgaon


Complimentary chips
Complimentary chips


Spicy nachos
Spicy nachos
Spaghetti Aglio Oleo
Spaghetti Aglio Oleo
Veg Platter
Veg Platter


Garlic mash

IMG_20160624_181725IMG_20160624_181731My eagerness to visit Fat Lulu’s and savour their delectable dishes is finally satisfied. Situated in the Cross Point Mall, it is a bit difficult to locate. But once inside, you are enchanted by 1920’s style décor. There are old vintage candelabras, lamps, gramophones and other paraphernalia. Classic English songs are always playing in the background and giving and old world touch to you culinary experience here.

I wish I could have tried more of their dishes but the quantity of one or two of their entrees/main course is enough to satiate your hunger. Here are the items I tried-

Spicy nachos- These nachos were prepared from wheat flour and therefore were thicker. They were dipped in tangy spices and topped with chopped tomatoes, jalapenos and sour cream. There was a prominent sour and spicy flavour lingering in this dish.

Spaghetti Aglio Oleo- Where to start! The magic of chopped garlic, chillies and parsley in olive oil mixed with perfectly cooked spaghetti and topped with cheddar will leave you enchanted. The flavours were subtle here but a bit spicy.

Grilled Veg Platter- The best of the lot! The grilled vegetables –red , green and yellow bell peppers, green and yellow zuchchini, mushrooms,spring onions, asparagus and broccoli  cooked in balsamic vinegar and were oozing with the juices. They were spicy as well.

The garlic mash served with these had a very fine texture and balanced the spicy flavour of the vegetables. The corn on the cob was grilled to perfection and was coated with cheddar cheese-a very different take. The orange and the green dips provided the perfect sweet,tangy and spicy flavours to the whole ensemble.

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