Zoe, DLF phase 3,Gurgaon

Zoe in Spanish means health and the Zoe outlet in Gurgaon can be said to specifically cater to people who want a healthy meal that is fulfilling as well. Their fresh juices, shakes, yoghurt parfaits and sandwiches have their own charm when it comes to healthy belly filling eating.

I recently got some items from these people and here are my views on them:

 Feel the fuel cold pressed juice: Composed of sugarcane, coconut water and chia seeds, this drink can satiate your cravings for sweet juices. Natural sugar in the form of sugarcane juice is a boon for us and the lightness of coconut water and the “superfoodiness” of chia seeds will give you an instant energy boost.

For the hero yoghurt smoothie: Ahhh! What a drink! Shame I never had such a smoothie before. The Greek yoghurt has a thick consistency here with the addition of peanut butter and honey. The almonds and peanuts are thoroughly grounded and you can actually taste the small nuts in the drink. This is also light on the stomach but belly filling.

Raw vegetables with a tangy dip : Red, yellow and green bell peppers, carrots and broccoli in raw form have loads of health benefits and I was given a box of the same. The tangy dip went well with these and provided an extra zing to the veggies.

Mediterannea sandwich : Never had a better sandwich! The focaccia breads were ohh-so-soft and had rosemary, black olives, thyme, oregano embedded in it. The boiled vegetables – bell peppers, zucchini, broccoli and mushrooms were drenched in mustard sauce which tasted fresh as well. The whole ensemble was tangy and sweet at the same time. Loved this one.


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