If you are craving fresh, delectable and healthy meals which are light on your wallet too, then Fresh Menu is the place to order your food from. They have a daily menu and sometimes, they do provide discounts on their site as well as on Zomato order. So what are you waiting for?

But my recent experience with them has nothing short of being a disaster. We recently placed an order which was delivered to another location and the person getting our order called us back instead of the delivery boy and the manager doing the same. When we called them, they said that there has been a confusion and they will get the order delivered within 20 minutes. But the order took 3 hours to arrive. To top it all, we were the ones calling the outlet instead of they asking us about our order. We had placed another order which was never delivered.

Here are some dishes I have been having as my office lunch for the past  few days :

Diced potatoes : This dish is a must try for people who love potatoes. The potatoes had a crispy exterior and were sautéed in a heavenly spicy medley of chopped onions, garlic and red chilli. This was quite spicy but yummy in taste.

Salad : Small cubes of seasonal mangoes , green capsicum, cottage cheese, zucchini, cherry tomatoes, lettuce and green olives in a subtle sweet tangy sauce. The salad was fresh, healthy and tasty. I wish the lettuce and the green capsicum were not bitter though.

Sandwich : I like my sandwiches not over done. This was one of the few which was tasty as well as not too cheesy. The soft fresh buns enclosed a lightly sautéed cottage cheese slice sandwiched between sliced tomatoes and cucumbers, lettuce leaves and parmesan cheese. The cottage cheese slice was chewy and gave a fresh taste along with the subtle cheese and the vegetables.

Spaghetti in pesto sauce : Can it get more delectable? Yes it does! Well boiled soft spaghetti cooked in a sticky creamy pesto sauce along with lightly sautéed French beans, bell peppers and black olives. The herbs are subtle here and the creaminess is not too much. This dish comes with a light pasta salad (with sweet corn, cucumber and lettuce leaves), warm salted soft bun and a yummy chocolate brownie.

Shish Touk Sandwich : Hats off to their sandwiches! The breads are warm and soft enclosing cottage cheese which is a bit crispy on the outside with a slice of cheese (which is semi-molten) and cucumber slice and lettuce. Very light flavours.

Red Velvet cake : It was good though not excellent. The red velvet crumbs could have been more and the sweetness could have been medium.

FreshMenu Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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