Obento, M.G. road, Gurgaon

Obento in Japanese means a lunch box. And surely, Obento is serving their customers by sending delicious meals in colourful plastic lunch boxes.

The order always arrives well within time and the delivery personnel are way too polite. The packaging is neat with the requisite cutlery.

Here are a few dishes that I have tried so far:

Sui Mai Dumplings : Colourful chopped bell peppers adorning the top of packet shaped dumplings will surely take your heart away. These are a bit tangy probably due to the presence of curd and wonderfully tasty.

Wheat noodles in black pepper sauce with assorted veggies : Try this if you can sustain the heat of fiery black peppers. After eating the whole box, I was yearning for anything that could cool down my palette which was on fire. Keeping the spiciness aside, the noodles are good to eat and the sauce of garlic and pepper is satiating! The assorted vegetables – carrots, spring onions, capsicum, zucchini and onions provide their own flavor to the garlic-pepper mix.

Corn and mushroom dimsums : Their skin is made up of wheat and since wheat is a bit thick compared to refined flour, you might get a weird taste when you first try it. But it is a healthier option, so it is better to gorge on them like a true glutton! The filling of chopped garlic, fresh mushrooms and sweet corn kernels is ohh-so-yummy!

Exotic veg dumpling : Subtlety is an art and these dimsums were bathing in this art! The finely chopped mushrooms, beans, baby corn, carrots and cauliflower were filled in a thin skin of refined flour and steamed to perfection. You might find these bland if you are not used to the fine flavours of Oriental cuisine. The tangy mustard dip served was quite spicy though.


Obento Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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