Addams House, Sector 29, Gurgaon

I have always loved anything related to gothic and I loved watching the Addams House as a child. Be it the cartoon or the movies, the different sense of gothic world is enchanting and curious.

Addams House should be the first or one of the first restaurants in India to be opened on gothic theme. The interiors are done up in blood red velvet with the addition of some chairs which are made in spider web pattern. The spooky gothic music is always playing in the background and the gothic architectural elements are best worked out on the bar table. Infact the beer dispenser is shaped in a delicately themed gothic way.

The menu has some elements which are derived from spooky pharses from the gothic world. Here are my views on some of them :

Smoked watermelon salad : Not recommended. The description is quite luring but when you taste the salad, you are disappointed. The small cubes of watermelon are mixed in salted cheese, rocket leaves and lettuce and given to you. The watermelon caviar balls are not there at all. The presentation is good – the salad presented in a half cut watermelon and being cryogenically cooled. The only good thing about the salad was the salted cheese.

 Broocoli cheese nuggets : The finely minced broccoli along with the delicate flavor of coriander and cheese was a delight to eat! It was slightly crispy from the outside and soft from the inside. I could have had loads of them with no complaints.

Witch is blue : This is lime based mocktail and is way too addictive. It is tangy and the presence of soda hits you a bit. Worth trying.

Morticia P Major : This one was the best! It had three items : cottage cheese steaks, garlic spaghetti and sautéed vegetables. There were two cottage cheese layers enclosing two different sauces between them. The lower one had a sweet and spicy red sauce and the upper layer had basil pesto sauce which was smooth and creamy. The cottage cheese steaks were smothered with chipotle cream which was sour and tasty. The spaghetti was delicious as it was cooked simply in olive oil and garlic and served with green and black olives. The sautéed vegetables were light and good to eat.

Paneer roulades : The delicately rolled cottage cheese slices enclosing minced cottage cheese, French beans and sweet corn, drenched in a tangy tomato based creamy gravy was a very different dish. There were balsamic vinegar caviar balls present which lended a bitter sweet taste when burst. The roulade was soft and good to eat. The presence of mint leaves gave it a bit of pungent flavor.

The Addams House Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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