QRO Gourmeteriia, Satyaniketan

The Drak House Café at Satyaniketan has been replaced with QRO which is an amazing place for food lovers on a budget. The ambience is soothing and the seating is comfortable. They have a very different variety of dishes from the rest of the restuarants at Satyaniketan – fine dine dishes to satiate your hunger. Here are a few dishes I have tried :

Barbeque Chicken Wings : The chicken was well coated and smudged in barbeque sauce and way too juicy. It was coming off easily from the bones. The barbeque sauce was sweet as well as spicy.

Stuffed Chicken : Chicken breasts stuffed with minced chicken and drowned in a sweet and spicy barbeque sauce is surely a delight to eat! The chicken breast was chewy and the barbeque sauce complemented it well. The sautéed vegetables – French beans, mushrooms, zuchhini, broccoli and carrots were cooked well with chopped garlic and light herbs.

Florentine : Man, this is worth every penny! You will instantly fall in love with the presentation. The chicken breast was stuffed with a fine mixture of spinach, mushroom and cheese and was immersed in a white sauce made of cheese, finely diced mushrooms and chopped garlic. The white sauce was creamy and well made. Every bite is heavenly! The sautéed vegetables complemented the dish well.

Grilled fish in lemon butter sauce : The basa was grilled well – thin crusty layer on the outside and soft from the inside. The lemon butter sauce was divine – tangy, creamy and yummy!

Veg Crepes : I have always loved crepes and this one was way too delicious! The stuffing of finely chopped mushrooms, bell peppers, garlic and French beans was unique and the mixed sauce gave a very different taste. The sauce was slightly tangy, creamy and the paprika gave it a slightly spicy flavour.

Baked Penne veg : These days, restaurants are adding chopped garlic and Italian herbs in a greater quantity to enhance the flavours of the usual pasta. This one was no different. The penne was cooked well and the sauce was sticking to it instead of the usual runny or creamy texture. The addition of broccoli, mushrooms and bell peppers was lovely.

Keema Pav : Lovely buttered buns served with finely minced and spiced mutton is a foodgasmic affaire. The minced mutton was topped with cream which made it more delectable.

Barbeque Chicken Pizza : The sweet flavour of barbeque sauce was prominent here and the chicken pieces were chewy. The warm melted cheese on the thin crust was oohhh-so-salivating.

Paneer Tikka Pizza : The cottage cheese cubes were grilled and burnt to perfection and were slightly spicy. Again, the warm melted cheese was way too yummy!


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