The Grills King, M.G. Road, Gurgaon

The list of restaurants specializing in grill themed buffet gets longer as the time passes. And the Grills King is one such place where you can enjoy a hearty meal with a totally different menu.

The servers are way too courteous and they know their dishes well. They keep asking for your feedback as well.

Here are the dishes I savoured:

Chef choice cauliflower – Dripped in honey chillies and spring onions, these were crispy and a delight to eat.

Tandoori soya chap : Who thought soya chaaps could be roasted in tandoor and served as starter? These were lusciously soft and chewy with a balanced amount of spices.

Shwezawzn chicken wings : Way too good! These were drenched in a sweet sauce and the chicken was a bit crispy.

Til waala paneer Tikka : An innovative take on our Paneer tikka. Topped with sesame seeds, and subtle herbs, these were soft and delicious.

Coin potatoes : Well the name of this dish keeos changing at every restaurant but the dish remains the same – crispy potatoes drenched in creamy sauce.

Peri peri zingha : Very crispy, spicy and hot – this dish is worth spending your money on.

Lehsuni mahi Tikka : Melt in the mouth fish, with a very prominent flavour of garlic.

Achari seekh kebab : I did not like them much as they were dry.

Thai herbs fish cake : A heavenly dish with soft and chewy fish cakes and with subtle flavours.

Kandhari seekh kebab : juicy, tangy

Corn spicy : very spicy and juicy

Chicken tandoori momos : okay okay,

Veg pizza : too good, soft gooeey cheese, tangy because of tomatoes and corn

Roasted chicken : Thw best of the lot! The chicken was soft, tender,juicy, tangy, spicy and succulent. It was so soft that it came out quite easily.

Paneer momos : Average dish. The skin of the momos was thin and the amount of paneer was less.

White sauce pasta : Wow is the word. Well cooked pasta in thick creamy sauce with chopped garlic to accompany them.

Red sauce pasta : Another good dish with a very thick red sauce.

Pineapple delight : A complementary mocktail, this drink was tangy and sweet with the crushed pineapple fibres lending a fresh taste.

Sweet corn soup : Chopped French beans, corn, cabbage and carrots made this medley. The prominent flavour of corn was a delight.

Corn potato shanghai style :  A spicy and a tangy dish.

Mixed veg zalfrezi : Vegetables in a spicy, thick preparation which was probably onion paste. This was a good dish.

Fish in lemon butter sauce : An average dish for me. The sauce was thin and way too salty. The fish was not grilled well and was disintegrating.

Aam ki phirni : Such a thick texture! Lovely dessert.

Kiwi Mousse : Amazing dessert – soft creamy souffle with a prominent tangy and sweet flavour of kiwi.

Mini cheesecake : Mediumly sweetened and soft, these were heavenly.

Coco choco balls : Imagine chocolate balls filled with a mixture of dark chocolate and grated coconut. You just can not go wrong with this.

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