Elma’s bakery, bar and kitchen, Hauz Khas Village, New Delhi

I have been yearning to go to this amazing place for a very long time. The place occupies a niche amongst the restuarants at HKV. They were the first bakery in Delhi NCR to introduce the now famous Red Velvet cake and their other items are supposed to be heavily yummy and foodgasmic.

The ambience reminds you of the European caffes situated at tourist places – classy wooden interiors, soothing pastel colours and lovely music. The service is very swift and the servers here also ask for your particular distastes – anchovies in my case.

Here are the dishes that I tried :

Chicken and mascarpone Lasagne : Hot from the oven and freshly baked, this was yummilicious! The chicken pieces were small and were drenched in a light red sauce and cheese. The lasagne sheets were a bit thick but nonetheless fine to eat. The amount of cheese was less – very much required these days because of over the top lasagnes.

Napoli Pizza : A very light handmade pizza. The presence of olives, tomato sauceĀ and capers gives a predominant tangy flavour to this one. However the saltiness of anchovies was a bit weird for me and somehow I could not come to like it. My first trial with anchovies did not go well.

Wild mushroom risotto : This was creamy and good to taste. But after a while, when it gets a bit cold, it is difficult to eat. The rice becomes a bit chewy and hard. However, the chewy and wonderfully made mushrooms drenched in white cream sauce is lovely.

Red Velvet cake slice : The cake must have had three or four layers and was heavy to eat. The creamy was smooth, had a thick texture and was subtly sweet. I never ever had a better red velvet cake! Some places serve this wonderful dessert either too sweet or the cream is too thin. But here it is perfect! Way to go guys!

Will definitely come here again to savour their other items.


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