Warehouse Café, Sector 29, Gurgaon

Sector 29 should be called as that area which is slowly becoming the hub of theme based restuarants. Be it Molecule, the Addams house, Factory or Divino, every one of them is huge and has a dearth of different themes.

And as my usual statement goes, Warehouse Café is no different. And it is not easy to miss as well. It actually seems like a warehouse – unplastered walls, shady dark interiors and big portraits showing the insides of actual warehouses.


The big surprise that was waiting for me was the batman themed table mat on our table. And add to it, the Justice League themed menu.

Can it getter better? Yes! Because the food here is so tasty and drool worthy! Here are my views on them:

Warehouse brewed grilled chicken : Two whole grilled chicken legs with mashed potatoes, sautéed vegetables and wine caper sauce. First of all, we never get whole chicken legs in such dishes and that too, two of them. Second of all, the chicken was chewy, juicy and well seasoned with Arabic spices. The beer marination had worked its magic and we could actually feel the lovely moistness of the chicken. The wine caper sauce was hell creamy, had a smooth texture with medium consistency and a subtle tangy flavor because of capers. The mashed potatoes had a fine texture but could have made more flavourful with the addition of black pepper (crushed peppercorns were there, but…). The sautéed vegetables were well made, moist but were a bit salty. Overall, a wonderfull dish and belly filling.

Pesto creamy : I am bored of the reds and the whites, so decided to gorge on the green one here. And my different choice was accepted by my taste buds. The lovely creamy pesto sauce was so well made that it reminded me of Big Chill! The sauce had a good amount of cream, basil and cheese and was thick and sticky in consistency. The penne was well made and the usual olives provided the necessary depth to this dish. One more thing, they had included pickled sundried tomatoes in the pasta which were tangy, chewy and juicy. Wonderful and commendable.

Jal Jeera : Well made but a bit on the saltier side for me.


Nimbu paani : Ahh, refreshing and lovely. Everyhting was in balance – tanginess, sweetness and the saltiness.



Warehouse Cafe Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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