Tin Town Café, Satyaniketan, New Delhi

Tin Town café joins the list of growing number of cafes in the Satyaniketan market. This one is owned by the Pipeline Café (also situated in the same locality) and shares a number of similar dishes with its parent restaurant.

The ambience is beautifully done – empty liquor bottles embedded in concrete on the main wall, hanging bulbs and comfy sofas. The place is small – can seat around 5-6 groups at max and 20 folks.

Brownie shake : Not as good as the one at Pipeline café. It is not concentrated and feels like plain chocolate shake.

Truffle shake : Could have been more concentrated.

Ferraro Rocher shake : Heavenly! It was concentrated well and the occasional bite of the nuts made the experience foodgasmic.

Veg Arancini with red sauce : The arancini were crispy from outside and had goeey cheese inside. Good to taste and went well with the red sauce. The red sauce was quite spicy and tasted like the pasta sauce.

Paneer Hussaini tikka : Lovely cottage cheese cubes dripped in our Indian spices and grilled to perfection.

Kebab Dilnasheen : These were actually afghani chicken tikka and were quite yummy in taste. The tender and chewy chicken was dripping in the malai based sauce. Lovely!

Chicken tandoori momos : Average. The minced chicken had got quite hard and the skin tasted a bit raw. Could have been better.

Corn and veg crepes : Not recommended. The red sauce was a bit salty and the crepes tasted bland. Moreover, the filling of the crepes had vegetables which have similar taste – zucchini, French beans and carrots which gave it a monotonous flavour. The sliced vegetables served with the crepes and were a bit charred.

Veg pizza : Crispy base with a lesser chewy cheese and broccoli and bell peppers embedded in it. A bit bland but can be seasoned with the herbs and chilli flakes provided.

Chicken dhaniya adrak : Chewy pieces of chicken drenched in a thick gravy of North Indian spices. A bit salty for me but nonetheless good to eat.

Oreo pie : An innovative dessert – three layers just – bottom one made with salty chocolate biscuit crumbs, middle one with whipped cream and the top one with soft spongy chocolate. A burst of flavours when this one enters your palette!

Malai Kulfi : Highly recommended. The kulfi is so damn flavourful – the lovely taste of green cardomam enriching the whole experience!


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