Getafix Café, M block market, GK-1, Delhi

The love for junk food is proliferating day by day and a gluttonous like me can never get enough of such dishes. Processed food is not good for the health in the long run and it is better to gorge on healthy and nourishing dishes.

Get-a-fix café should be regarded as one of the very first in Delhi to start wheat based pasta, breads and noodles, freshly made cold pressed juices, guilt-free desserts and home made sauces. Usage of oats is pretty prominent here and you will find a dearth of dishes which have air fried items.


The café has a lovely ambience – pastel shades, a book case of all your favourite fiction and cushions displaying superheroes and lines from famous fictions and music bands. The staff is equally friendly and know their dishes well. Let us move on to the dishes I have had here :


Nyan Cat : A thick smoothie consisting of pineapples, blueberries, strawberries, mangoes and spinach. It is freshly made and it is sans sugar. The sweetness is due to the natural fructiose content of the fruits. The flavour of strawberries is pretty prominent here in addition to the tanginess of mangoes and pineapples and the bitterness of spinach is not there at all. You can actually get the occasional bite of the fibres of mangoes.


Air fried fish and chips : If you really want to lose weight but do not want to compromise on taste, then do try this. The fish pieces are light, panko crusted and juicy from inside. They do not disintegrating and go well with the tartar sauce. Speaking about tartar sauce – freshly made, tangy, a bit runny and filled with chopped black olives.  The chips were a bit burnt though.

Thai Mix mushroom pasta : A mushroom lover would surely find it heavenly. The pasta is wheat based and hence a bit heavy and generously laden in the peanut based cream sauce. The sauce is thick and has the characteristic earthiness of peanuts with the occasional bite of black pepper and chilli flakes. The juicy button mushrooms, the chewy shiitake and the slurp oyster mushroom provide a rich texture and pungency to the dish. The chicken is fresh, soft and chewy.  RECOMMENDED.

Japanese Soba noodle bowl : A meal consisting of noodle in a light sauce of coconut milk, peanuts and Teriyaki sauce. The noodle is well oiled and slurpy to taste. The sauce is very light and sweet in taste. The pungency of garlic and spring onions is subtle here and the juiciness and tanginess of oyster mushrooms provide a different dimension to it. The sweetness of the Teriyaki sauce is pretty prominent here. RECOMMENDED.

Chef’s special rice bowl : Steamed rice in a soupy broth of vegetables and topped with lightly grilled chicken. The broth is made from chicken stock and is thick in texture. The vegetables – broccoli, bell peppers and zuchhini are well blanched but the chicken is hard and chewy.

Salad Pizza : Pizzas can be healthy too and I commend Get-a-fix for making the junk staple of these days healthy. The base is made up from wheat dough and the amount of cheese on it is quite less. The pizza is light to eat as well as yummy. It is topped with raw vegetables – lettuce, olives (green and black), tomatoes, cucumber and grated cheddar cheese. Fresh vegetables and a wheat base will definitely attract health conscious foodies.


Dessert Platter : Where to start! I am smitten by their healthy desserts. The chocolate brownie is made up of sinful, dark chocolate with no added sugar and is way too soft and spongy. The vanilla poundcake is made up from wheat and refined flour mixture and has honey and orange to lend to the required sweetness. It was a bit dry though. The carrot cake is way too good – eggless, whole wheat, jiggery based (instead of sugar) and flaxseed oil has been used instead of butter. The thin jullienes of carrots lend their sweetness to this masterpiece. The Lime Pie is a very subtle dessert consisting of three layers. The top has orange and lime juice set in agar agar – no gelatin, no allergies and extra fat. The middle layer has lime mixed yoghurt resulting in a creamy and tangy texture. The bottom layer is not actually a layer – it is a tart made from digestive biscuits and choco chips. The tart is soft and not too hard. Too good!


Grannie’s Smith Fix : The freshest juice that you can get – the goodness of celery, green apple, cucumber, lemon and ginger in a single glass. No added sugar again.


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