Biryani by Kilo, DLF phase 1, Gurgaon

Imagine a situation where you are craving freshly prepared, hot dum biryani at your office and you do not want to get it cold while it is in transit(if you order it). Can there be a place which can solve your dilemma? Yes, there is, by the name of Biryani by Kilo. I was surprised to find an earthen pot having three candle holders. You can use it heat the earthen pot having the dum biryani. Easy, isn’t it?

Moving on to the savouries that I relished, here are my views :

Mutton Galouti Kebab : The aroma of saffron and the ingredients of garam masala will definetly spellbind you. The mutton is finely minced and mixed well with the spices. The kebabs are not exactly melt in the mouth but still good to taste. Their exteriors is slightly crusty which can be improved upon.

Ulte tawe ka parantha : Excellent is the word. The paratha gives a wonderful waft of milk and is soft, thin and chewy. It goes well with the galauti kebabs.


Lucknawi mutton dum biryani : Just break the dum, open the lid and boom! The wafting aroma of saffron flavoured biryani will blow your senses. The sweetness of caramelised onions, screwpine essence and saffron is pretty prominent here. The mutton is chewy, succulent and comes off easily from the bones. The rice is well cooked but a bit dry.

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