Zizo, K-18 and K-22, C.P., New Delhi

When I think about Lebanese cuisine, I can only count the Mezze platter, which has become quite ubiquitous these days. But, what do we know about other Lebanese delicacies. To find out, better visit Zizo, which specializes in authentic Lebanese cuisine.

I recently went to a live cooking session by Chef Danny and watched the Fish Sayyadiye being cooked. Let me tell you, watching an exotic dish being cooked is a treat to the eyes – you come to know the complexity of the food presented to you and appreciate the hardwork chefs put in while presenting their masterpieces to you.

Fish Sayyadiye : What to say! I eagerly watched this masterpiece being cooked and was amazed by the complexity of the dish. The rice pilaf has its own flavours of fish stock and fried onions, the fish is so well made with the subtle hints of lime, bay leaf and cinnamon and comes of easily while eating. The fish is not disintegrating into chunks which is good. Caramelised onions on top lend their sweet burnt flavour. The slight spraying of chilli and basil oil adds to the comprexity of the dishes. And yes, the tahini with fried onions is smooth and creamy and provides a smooth texture tasting of peanuts.

Mint lemonade : Cool, fresh, sweet, sour and with the flavours of freshly crushed mint leaves, this moccktail is a must try. It is a bit too sour because of the overuse of lemon.

Mulberry mocktail : A sweet cool potion to go with your Lebanese dishes.

Potato garlic bread : Flat slices of potatoes with their skins on and spread with soft and warm cheese is a heavenly starter. The crispy skin goes well with the gooey cheese.


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