Dezertfox, Greater Kailash -1, New Delhi

Dessert lovers from the Delhi NCR region are in for a roll! Because finally there is a place which serves the most eye pleasing and delectable sugary savouries, presented in a fine dine style but optimally priced. No jokes when I write about food because Dezertfox is real!

I shall call it the Disneyland of desserts because their creations are full of fantasy and out of the world. The head pastry chef Niscar Noorullah has done a plethora of innovations while designing the menu. Infact, some of the items are gluten free and flourless. So here are some of them that I tasted :

Berry Yoghurt Smoothie : A healthy smoothie made with fresh yoghurt and filled with strawberries and black currant. It was light to drink and not too sweet. However the amount of ice can be reduced here.


Hazelnut dome with caramel and hazelnut crisp with hazelnut mousse : A lovely dome made out of hazelnut flavoured chocolate topped with hazelnut and caramel crisp and surrounded by hazelnut mousse is tantalizing to the taste buds. The mousse is a bit bitter but has a fine texture. The crisps or the meringues just break in your mouth with the slightest hit. RECOMMENDED.


Passion fruit framboise : A colourful and a subtle dessert, it has the dominant flavours of passion fruit and raspberry. Slightly tangy and delicately sweet, this dessert has a soft sponge and a light, airy feel to it. RECOMMENDED.


Philadelphia Cheese Cake : This is the gluten free dessert that I mentioned before. It has a flourless cake at the bottom and has a prominent tangy sweet flavour of orange and lemon due to the use of zests of these fruits. The cheesecake has a smooth texture and is subtly sweet in taste. RECOMMENDED.


Pistachio and fig cake : Vividly coloured in green and having a soft sponge, this cake will win the hearts of those who love pistachios. The cake has minimal sweetness and the lovely flavour of pistachio is to die for. RECOMMENDED.


Chocolate sin : A very fine way to make a dessert having myriad flavours. The dessert consists of an intricate cylinder of chocolate which is filled with chocolate and cream ganache and wrapped in a chocolate crepe. The chocolate cylinder is oh-so-smooth with the finest ganache. Again the sweetness is subtle here. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.


Eclairs – Rose and raspberry : I love the flavour of rose and if it is used in an éclair, then I can never stop myself from having more. The éclair is super soft and sweet and has the decadent flavour of rose and raspberry in the filled mousse, which in my opinion is a pretty good combination. A sheet made of chocolate, rose and raspberry tops the éclair and make it even prettier and tastier. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.


Green tea mousse with pineapple compote with pistachio lemon cake : A very different take on a dessert – combining the bitterness of green tea with the sweetness of mousse. The mousse is perfectly smooth in texture and soft in taste. Recommended if you like green tea.


Red Velvet Tiramisu Bon Bon : A pink coloured, dark chocolate shell containing tiramisu should be called as the king of desserts. It is beautiful to look and sometimes, you feel bad for breaking the shell. But once you taste the inside of the shell, you will be flabbergasted to the core. Because the flood of diverse flavours of coffee, dark chocolate, cream and strawberries will give you a major sugar rush. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.


Coriander passion curd tart : A chocolate shell topped with meringue crisps, this is again a subtle dessert with the sourness of passionfruit dominating it.


Rose cupcake : The prettiest dessert after the Tiramisu Bon Bon. I ate the whole cup cake with no complaints. The cupcake is topped with rose flavoured cream which is subtly flavoured and has a heavenly smooth texture. To top my madness, the sponge was flavoured with rose, yes, no vanilla, just plain rose. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.


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