The one for Damon Salvatore

Those sparkling blue eyes,

those mischievous grins,

those sarcastic comments

and those rapturous glances.

Those half mouthed stares,

that widened eye look,

that untamed arrogance

and that desirous freedom.


That single shot gulp of Bourbon,

Coupled with name calling

That one sided smirk

With the lust for blood.


Those vengeful diabolic schemes,

That unquestioned love for Elena

That casual flirting of a Casanova

And those piercing passionate gazes.


Are you even real?

Or a figment of a writer’s imagination….


You are perfect in your imperfectness

Selfless in your persuasion

Clandestine in your inner feelings

And committed in your liaisons.


We fancy someone like you

And will save ourselves for him till the end….


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