Nukkad, SDA market, New Delhi

If you are a fan of soothing Bollywood melodies and sheesha, then this is the place for you. They even have live performances after 7pm in the open courtyard area. But if you are craving good food and service, then this is not the place for you.

The dishes are out of the box but they are not prepared well. Some of them are so pathetic in taste that you would want to return them. Here are a few of them:

Chicken fried momos: Fine minced chicken formed into juicy and crispy goodness. RECOMMENDED.


Chicken kali mirch: Worst kali mirch chicken ever served to me. The dish was served cold and there was not even a hint of black pepper in the chicken, considering my low tolerance for spice. It was difficult to cut as well.


Watermelon mojito: A plain soda based drink with the usual sweetness of the watermelon cubes absent. It was a bit sour as well.


One man anda: Finally something innovative and good. A good flavourful omelette rolled in soft buns and served with wafers. The flavours of cumin and garlic made the experience richer. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.


Bread pakora: Average, crispy and ajwain (carom seeds) were the only good thing about them.


Spicy French toast: Soft French toasts sandwiching coriander based potato mash – a novel take on our usual French toast. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.


Railway cutlet: Not at all recommended. Beetroot and tomato based filling is crumb fried here and god knows how these guys made it so pathetic. Beetroot and tomatoes are already sweet and if you combine it with ginger and garlic in the crudest form possible, what you get is a disaster dish.


Mushroom and corn soup: Finally something to relish at this place! The rich creaminess of the soup coupled with the fineness of rosemary and garlic and a few mushroom chunks and corn kernels will leave you enchanted. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.


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