Karate Kitchen, Sultanpur, New Delhi

I would not prefer wasting your time on introducing Karate kitchen because they have already carved a niche for themselves in the market when it comes to delivering Asian and Oriental dishes. Each creation by their super talented chef is a lovely accompaniment to your lunch or dinner.

A note about their super soft dumplings – they are made from potato and wheat starch with no addition of flour.

Fiery chicken dumplings: The soft-skinned dumplings with the freshest minced chicken. The dumplings were not fiery at all but were slightly sweet due to a thin syrup.


Vegetarian crystal dumpling: They were able to induce a level of taste in the usual veg dumplings. The use of finely chopped bakchoy leaves, mushroom and water chestnut enclosed in a super soft skin.


Lotus root stems: Finely sliced lotus roots fried to crispy perfection.


Prawn dumplings: Again super soft skin enclosing the subtle prawn heads with a slightly tangy flavour. The skin is fashioned with sesame oil and finely diced water chestnut in addition to the starches I mentioned before.


Mushroom with green chilli and garlic: If you love mushrooms, this is a dish you will adore more than any other mushroom item you have ever tasted. The juiciness of button mushrooms, the chewiness of shiitake and the slurpiness of the oyster ones lightly tossed in fine juliennes of garlic and green chillies is a healthy as well as a heavenly dish.


Basil Thai vegetables: Blanched vegetables – broccoli, bell peppers and zucchini in a light hot and sweet sauce with the pungency of chopped garlic.


Water chestnut: It was served cold but was edible and was full of flavours. The slices of fresh watery chestnut with flat beans immersed in sweet coconut milk based gravy and topped with caramelised onions – expect an explosion of flavours.


Noodles: The finest noodles and worth your time and taste.


Thai green curry with sticky rice: Somehow, their Thai green curry was very sweet and would be difficult to eat if you have a neutral or spicy palate. However, the gravy had the right consistency and the rice were good.


Brookie: Ah, here is a dessert which is pretty class apart. The combination of half brownie and half cookie adorned with chocolate chips is such a novel dish! The melted cookie on the brownie present a gooey, dense and soft sweet course.


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