Chaayos, Hauz Khas Village, New Delhi

When it comes to tea and tea time snacks, Chaayos is well established in that market. Their innovative and myriad teas, lip smacking snacks and quirky interiors with eye catching slogans (“meri waali chai” , “experiments waali gali” etc.) has surely drawn out the best of the foodies and chai lovers.

Chaayos has recently launched its summer special menu and here are a few items I recently tasted at their Hauz Khas outlet (includes some old favourites also):

Channa chaat: We do love the black gram fashioned in different dishes and this channa chaat could well be your next chai snack. This one tasted good since it was innovatively doused in Cajun spices but was a bit tangy and salty for my palate.


Palak patta chaat: Crunchy spinach leaves topped with aloo bhujhiya, sliced jalapenos, onions and tamarind chutney. The tamarind chutney is out of the world – it is thick, tangy and a bit sweet. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.


Chhole Kulche: The chhole were quite tangy but the kulche were ohh-so-foodgasmic. These were Italian breads seasoned with Italian condiments and were fluffy and soft.


Aam panna ice tea: Light, tangy, sweet, peppery and tasted like liquid mango bite.


Kala khatta ice tea: It was too sweet for my palate.


Maggi sandwich: Why Chaayos? Why do you dish out such delicious snacks which remind us of our childhood. The perfectly cooked Maggie is sandwiched between the softest and well buttered buns and the whole ensemble speaks innovation at its best. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.


Date fig: This cake is freshly baked and is warm and soft. Optimal sweetness levels and HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.


Dark chocolate brownie: The balance between the characteristic bitterness of the dark chocolate and the slight sweetness is phenomenal here. Each and every bite is soft and yummy. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.


Pineapple ice tea: The fresh taste of pineapple and strawberries is prominent here. I am finding it hard to express my feelings for this one because I loved it and love is sometimes difficult to express. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.


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