Chefsway, Sushant Lok, Gurgaon

Working folks putting up in Gurgaon hardly get any time to dish out a simple meal these days. Forget a gourmet dish, a simple north Indian meal requires efforts if you are not a regular cook. Sometimes, we actually wish to be presented with just the right ingredients in the right measures, waiting to be dished out in a wonder!

If you feel that yearning, then say hello to Chefsway. If you want to hone that inner chef of yours but hardly get time for it, then welcome this delivery outlet.


Since I am a big fan of the pasta aglio olio dish, I decided to place an order for the ingredient box of the Fettucini Aglio Olio. The box arrived within two hours as was promised on the website. The ingredients were neatly packed small bottles and satchels and labelled with their respective names and quantities. The recipe came with precise instructions and was beautifully rolled with a red ribbon.

A note about ingredients: they were fresh and finely packed. When I opened the box of chopped garlic, the whiff of garlic was overwhelming. The broccoli was crunchy along with the bak choy leaves.


The resultant turned out to be excellent, including the fact that I created it. The fettucini was cooked al dante (thanks to the instructions), the vegetables – broccoli, bak choy and bell peppers perfectly blended with the pasta and the seasoning was aromatic and spicy. It was a light dish, home made and healthy as it was cooked in olive oil.


So what are you waiting for? Just visit their site at and order your next gourmet box with the freshest ingredients and enjoy a hand spun meal.

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