F&B product review – Garnet Glow Tea

“Tempt your taste buds”- this is the line that greets you when you open the website of Garnet Glow Tea. And after tasting three flavours from this brand, my taste buds are actually enticed to explore more from their range of exotic teas.

They have a unique subscription plan for everyone and you can make your own blends by chosing your favourite ingredients. They even have a questionnaire and based on your answers, they help you chose a tea type. I have never seen so much detailing in one brand and Garnet Glow deserves credits for that.

The quality of tea leaves is admirable : instead of the low grade tea dust, this brand is serving real dried leaves which swell up when added to hot water. So you need to be careful with the quantity as well – lower volume needed for just a cuppa.

Moving on to the tasting, here are the three blends I recently tasted:

Darjeeling Mist Tea: Darjeeling teas are supposed to be a bit bitter and tend to leave a dry lingering after taste when finished. But this one from Garnet Glow was a tad bit different. The typical bitterness was very subtle and the after taste was not too strong. Pair it up with a sweet snack like I did and your tea sessions will become extra special. RECOMMENDED.


Peach Black Tea: Not a real fan of black tea, but this one has awakened my interest in the black ones. The delicate tanginess and sweetness of peach combined with the bitterness of the black tea results in a blend which is aromatic and smooth for your palate.  Pair it up with a salty snack or your regular breakfast and you are good to go. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.


Masala Green Tea: I am a regular green tea drinker and any variant in this type is always welcome. Masala version is one of my favourites and the one from Garnet Glow is so pleasantly flavourful. The presence of green cardomam, black pepper and rose petals refresh your senses and leave you with no after taste and a craving for more! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.


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Check out their website: http://bit.ly/2nO1XAM

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