Hot Sauce, GK1, New Delhi

So what happens when a New Yorker meets a Philadelphian – of course love at “foods site”. This restaurant brings a little bit of New York to New Delhi providing take-away and doorstep delivery. All their sauces, breads and desserts are made in house using the freshest ingredients and their dishes are accompanied with sauces of your choice but their famous NYC White Sauce & Hot Sauce are highly recommended. The best aspect about this new kid of the town is that they are using environment friendly packaging. The Squad also stays true to the New York Streets Meals on Wheels program by offering food and water to the less fortunate on a biweekly basis. Now how many outlets in Delhi can boast of that?

Banana bread: Banana lovers, you have another dry dessert to look after a banana cake. This bread is so warm, moist, fluffy and soft with the subtle waft and strong taste of real bananas. The dense nature of the bread with no hints of extra sugar is sure to win hearts. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.


Chicken Wings: Medium hot, exceptionally juicy, spice laden and slightly different, these wings are pretty different from the usual ones you get restaurants these days. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.


Paneer Kurkur burger with fries: The buns are freshly baked and are super soft in texture, the patty is fashioned out of mashed cottage cheese with a crispy exterior and sandwiched in tangy coleslaw. I am pretty sure you will yearn for it once you have it. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.


Chicken Tikka and Lamb kebab combo rice platter: The soft and airy pita breads, the lovely mixture of finely chopped lamb and chicken and the exceptional balance of flavours in the rice is a feat difficult to achieve. RECOMMENDED.


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