Road House Café, M block market, Greater Kailash 1, New Delhi

Gone are the days when eating Italian cuisine meant oodles of cheese and heavy flour based pasta. For a person like me who values eating and experiencing her food in peace, Road House Café is a heaven.

Situated in the hustle bustle of the famed M block market, it is easy to spot. The interiors and the lighting are so relaxed that you actually feel at peace and forget your exhausting day. And the servers are so well mannered that they derive pride and pleasure in serving you. Full marks on the hospitality sector.

Home made lavaash with tzaziki: Crispy and light lavaash topped with fresh dil leaves and slightly drizzled with olive oil and served with the freshest sour drip – a perfect tea time snack for us. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.


Tomato Bruschetta: I fell in love with this antipasti after having the one prepared by the talented chefs of the Road House Café. The bread was slightly soft and slightly crispy and moist enough to offer a gentle bite. It was topped with a tangy mixture of freshly chopped olives and tomatoes which had a lovely finesse to it. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Chipotle chilli hummus with pita bread: I love the subtle experimentation in classic dishes. So when these fluffy pita breads grilled to perfection came with chipotle flavoured hummus, it was difficult to keep my hands off. That slight burning hummus is what we are looking for when we are bored of the classic hummus. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.


Smoked chicken Sandreka: I always placed scant attention to the cuts of meat and how that can affect the taste of a dish. But I learnt the nuisances of a different cut of chicken breast when I had this lovely salad of chicken, onions, green chillies and ginger blended well in olive oil. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Prawn ala Plarcha: Being an Indian, you get used to strong flavours when it comes to sea food. We have a habit of cooking the swimming species in such a way so as to overpower the typical “fishy” aroma. But here, the prawn was done so delicately with the pungency of radish and the juiciness of cherry tomatoes coming out so well. Although it was slightly salty, but it was worth every morsel. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Barbeque chicken wings: Guys, please get over the usual sweet and chewy wings that you get as drinks snacks these days. This is the age of experimentation and when you are presented with stuffed chicken wings, you have to say, “Wow”. Add to this, the balance of hotness and sweetness, and there you have a winner. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Open face Sandwich with lamb meatballs: Flabbergasted to experience this! Starting with the meatballs, they were so soft and not the characteristic chewy ones you have. Additionally, they were smothered with a light creamy sauce with the peppery taste of black pepper. These were laid on soft grilled multi grain bread with crispy lettuce leaves and gherkins. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.


Triangoli Pasta: My love for pasta reached its zenith when my taste buds were welcomed with the food comic flavours of this one. The slightly cooked filling of bell peppers and zucchini, topped with juicy cherry tomatoes and parmesan shavings and lightly drenched in a fine pesto sauce which was not too overpowering. A ravioli will never taste the same again for me now. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.


Brownie based bannofie pie: Who could have ever imagined that a simple well baked brownie is enough to make a bannofie pie drool worthy? This lovely dessert with the balanced flavours of sweetness and saltiness coupled with the nutty textures of almonds and cashews can give the classic bannofie a run for its money. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.


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