Unexpected love

Unknown you were to me

Never knew you would set me free

That first day just went by

When our souls were nigh.


But the minds were still ignorant

Untainted by cupid’s currents

But fate worked its own charms

Shattering the earlier norms.


Our paths crossed once again

And that was the last time I was sane

The tides of time have swiftly flown

And the crossed sails of our destiny continue to get blown.


Your striking resemblance to a confidant

And your patient hearing of my daily rants

How my diurnal stories mesmerized you?

And when did I start counting you one among the few?


But my foolishness led me astray

And you wished another maiden to be my bae

My infatuation with her stirred you

And your succor came in every hue.


But that cruel fortnight of your absence

Compelled my heart to long for your presence

The world seemed a morose place

And life appeared a confusing maze.


I kept these feelings bottled up

Afraid this heart was of the tireless drubs

But your selfless care opened it again

And your last confession eased my pain


Others desire the freedom you have bestowed upon me

That will ensure I will never flee

These hand of yours, I will always hold

And this is how our story has been foretold.

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