Time and distance

My admiration unfolded on the first sight

Stucked together were we for that whole night

Your nobility inflamed my senses

And I awaited your return with no pretence.


Another meeting came along

When I forgot where I belong

Guilty I was of some faulty decisions

Yet you eased those afflictions


Why did you never judge me?

“I do not deserve you”, you crooned

And maybe on this tune, I swooned


Whatsapp played the cupid

And time cemented our bond

Your radiating optimism

Enlightened my heart during strenuous times


Bitten by the same travel bug

And the shared passions for raucous dancing

We merrily sang to our favourite tunes

Little did we know, we were falling too soon


Your sagacity rouse the residing passion

Overpowering my insecurities over long distance

Liberating me from decades old bondages..


For years we managed our precious little secret

With your blind faith lacing your wizardry around me……

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