Charming Art Brunch at JW Marriot Aerocity

Delhi winters have their own appeal and what better to enjoy the winter sun than to soak it in while relishing good food and drinks? The plethora of food festivals and brunches offer a promising experience.


JW Marriot Aerocity recently organized an Art Brunch where they were many attractions. The most prominent one was the live painting on Mercedes E class by artist Jai “Zaiu” Ranjit in the playground area. It was a treat to watch the uber luxury car getting painted in myriad colours.


The customary cake mixing ceremony also happened here and for us, it was the first time. The variety of dry fruits – raisins, cashews etc were hand mixed in liquor according to the directions by the chef.



Since it was an art brunch, the desserts were according to the theme. Edible paintings and chocolates fashioned in brush strokes were one of the many culinary attractions. A live band and an extensive food menu made up our Sunday.

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