My Kitchen Disasters – How the journey began

I am not going to bore you all about one of the cardinal sins that I commit on a regular basis – gluttony.

I do not remember why I was always so fascinated with eating or gobbling or hogging, maybe because of my mother’s fascination with cooking delicacies or doing experiments and letting me taste them. (I will elaborate more in further posts).

My grandmother was an excellent cook and I believe she pampered me so much with her exquisite dishes that I became used to hogging and gluttony. But most of all, those cookery shows by Sanjeev Kapoor are to blame. I started jotting down his recipes from Khaana Khazana at the age of 7 years and by the time I turned 9 or 10, I wanted to cook.

I asked my mother to teach me how to cut vegetables and fruits. My mother, a typical Indian mother, refused, fearing that I might misuse this skill. As if a 9 year old child has that much brains to misuse the “sophisticated skill of cutting”!

I was always refused, so one fine day at 4pm, I decided to take matters into my own hands. I wanted to eat an apple while watching Aladdin. My mom was talking to the neighbours (if she reads this then she will correct me about what exactly she was doing) when I told her that I am cutting the apple. I held the apple in my left hand in a very primitive ape like way and used the knife in my right hand to cut it. The apple got cut but unfortunately the skin on the knuckle bone near my index finger as well. It was a deep cut and there was a blood bath in a matter of seconds.

I took matter into my hands and the resultant reached my own hands!

I was 9 years old then. I am 30 today and the gash is still very much visible.

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