Bindass Burgers, Shahpur Jat

I think I am attracting sustainable brands now and then and when it is a delivery outlet, my happiness becomes four fold.

The specialty about Bindass Burgers is that they their breads are freshly baked and sourced from a vendor who prefers not to use preservatives , their sauces prepared every day and their packaging eco friendly. Their burgers are held together by bamboo toothpicks which do not pose a health risk if they get broken unlike the wooden toothpicks.

Veg Korma (Shaami Kebab) Burger: The vegetarian Shaami patty is crispy and did not get soggy over the course of time. The refreshing mint mayonnaise sauce is prepared from pulverised mint leaves and mayo. Highly recommended.

Veg Bang Bang burger: This burger is aptly named because it is pretty spicy and the flavours do create a volcano on your palate.

Chicken Mexicano burger: Mexican flavours at their best! This burger is not for the faint hearted souls! The chicken patty is juicy from inside and crispy from outside and the fiery Mexican sauce along with the jalapeños provide a lethal combination. Highly recommended for spice lovers.

Peri Peri French fries: These fries are fashioned the way ideal French fries are fashioned – a light crunch and a slight gooey inside.

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