The Fat Tiger, Two Horizon Centre, Golf Course Road, Gurgaon

2 in bucket of big momos & Shogo Shabril (Chicken): The huge momos had thicker skins but a generous filling of seasoned minced chicken. They were pan seared to crispy perfection and topped with sesame seeds. The Shogo Shabril were an altogether different species of momos – minced chicken blended seamlessly with mashed potatoes, rolled into the momo dough, steamed and then tempered to a crispy juicy loveliness. Highly recommended.

Stir fry dimsums (veg): The filling of spicy mixture of chopped vegetables is heart warming and the pan seared crispy skin is a delight!

Chicken soupy dimsums: The soupy dimsums supposed to be small sized not huge, which was the case here. The skin is supposed to be thin and full of warm broth/soup, instead the ones served here had a thick doughy skin and no soup at all!

Crystal dimsums: The creamy cheese was heavenly and melt in the mouth! The black pepper dimsums had a delectable filling of chopped vegetables and their crystal skin tasted divine.

HongKong noodle bowl: This was good but way too spicy! The chicken/vegetables curry is spicy so the noodles should taste subtle which was not the case here.

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