Easy Chicken Biryani

Cooking Time: 30-45 minutes ⏰
500 gm chicken
Tez Patta
2 chopped onions
Ginger garlic paste
Pinch of Turmeric powder
Red chilli powder
1 tsp Dhaniya powder
1 tsp Garam masala
Black pepper, green cardamom, star anise, cinnamon stick
1/2 cup Milk
Lemon juice


  1. In a pan add oil and tez Patta. Add chopped onions. Sauté till they become golden brown
  2. Add ginger garlic paste. After 5 minutes add salt, turmeric powder, red chilli powder and dhaniya powder. Mix well
  3. When the oil separates from the masala, add chicken pieces
  4. Cook on low flame till the chicken is done. (Approx 30 mins)
  5. In a cooker add oil, tez Patta, star anise, black pepper, green cardamom and cinnamon stick. Add salt to rice and put it in cooker
  6. Mix well and add chicken pieces and then add water. Now add milk and lemon juice. Cook till 2 whistles
    And it’s done!

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