Mc Donald’s, Dwarka, Delhi

There is a saying among the foodies of Delhi that howsoever fancy dishes you might have, the tummy gets the ultimate satisfaction from a Mc Donald’s burger only.

Packet of happiness

Covid induces pandemic is indeed a troubling time and specially for those of us who are away from loved ones and yearn to hug them. Keeping the same in mind, Mc Donald’s has introduced their double patty Big Hug burgers – doubles goodness and decadence!

Mc Donald’s is also taking care of safety and sanitary precautions in all of its outlets. The delivery is contactless, the packages are double wrapped (in their trademark brown paper bags) and the burgers can be reheated in a microwave without the patties and buns getting soggy.

Now, let us talk about my personal experience. I have not had burgers for almost 6 months now and these double patty burgers surely made up for the absence of the burgers. These double patty burgers variants come in all the trademark Mc Donald’s burgers and I chose the Mc Aloo tikki, Mc Spicy veg, Mc Spicy Paneer and last but not the least, my favourite Mc Spicy Chicken.

Imagine tasting that crispy Mc Aloo Tikki, sorry, not one tikki but two tikkis under those soft buns and slathered with the super spicy mayonnaise – hot to the power infinity!

And if you are not fond of potatoes patty, try their crispy vegetarian patties with prominent hints of mashed peas. Not to forget the creamy mayonnaise spread – yummy to the power infinity!

And if paneer is your poison, then those double paneer patties will come to your rescue. The crunchy exterior and a mushy interior ensures that the patties do provide a Hail Mary gastronomical experience. Oh, I forgot the spicy mayonnaise sauce also.

And now my favourite – the Mc Chicken double patty burger. My childhood favourite with double the goodness. The juicy chicken patties slathered with shredded lettuce and creamy mayonnaise is the ultimate gluttony!

So what are you waiting for? Order your Big Hug burgers now!

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