Travel musings

Is recreational travel really that important during a raging pandemic?

Warning: Before you blatantly pass judgements on me, this is an old travel picture taken 2 years back and I haven’t travelled to any destination since January 2020. Forget travel, I have not even gone to a cafe/restaurant since the cases in India started growing exponentially. Before pandemic, I used to the be the sort of person who had a hard time keeping her feet as well as mind stuck at home. Not a month went by when I didn’t travel, not a week went by when I didn’t party or met a friend or went out for a food tasting session. But all these luxuries stopped when lockdowns began. It has been extremely difficult for each one of us, but is going out for non-essential activities more important than our health and lives? Is endangering the life our family members and the people counts less than our quest for getting back to the “normal” life?

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