Life musings

I have not travelled for more than a year now. I had to cancel four trips planned in April and May 2020. In the coming months, I read about the history of epidemics and pandemics and mathematical models of disease progression and then came to a bitter conclusion that I might not get to travel for a while. This “while” can last for around 2 years (based upon the history of course). People made fun of me that it is just a matter of a few months. (Either I’m one of the few educated people here or others didn’t bother to pay attention to the situation.)

Travel is supposed to be an experience of freedom not about constantly worrying about masks and sanitising. When you are travelling, you are supposed to know about the local culture and support it, not endanger the local population if you are asymptomatic.
So why the hell are people still travelling? Have we become so shallow that we are forgetting the dangers we pose to the people around us and the chain reaction/influence of one person travelling on others who are eager to travel? It breaks my heart to see so many travel influencers still travelling as if nothing is wrong! Because this behaviour is encouraging people to get out. This “new normal” is not a normal situation where families are devastated and frontline workers are exhausted to the core.
There is still time – you can chose to live this “new normal” like the actual normal or chose to sit home, use your intelligence and privilege to support the aggrieved people and come out as a human who made his/her pandemic days worthwhile.

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