Toxic positivity

Why toxic positivity is dangerous?
While law of attraction & positivity affirmations work very well in a normal situation, what can be said about a super volcanic pressure cooker circumstance such as this pandemic? Stress is a normal response of our adrenaline glands/nervous system to any challenge – adrenaline & cortisol released help us in thinking how to deal with the problem at hand. Our heart beat rises so that more blood with oxygen is supplied to our brain – so that the grey matter can think of ways to overcome challenges or deal with loss or grief. Our senses become sharper as well.

We cannot just turn a blind eye to such challenges in the name of positivity.

So when some justify their ignorance in the name of positivity, they blatantly ignore the plight of the people who are running from pillar to post to search for medical supplies. This stress is causing us to think of different ways to help out people. This instagram community is not only there to share happy & creative moments but also to amplify support for our fellow humans. This stress of preventing a life loss is causing us to help each other out. If we were just positive, then we would have shared some positive quotes and be done with our day. Our positive vibes are not going to provide any support to the affected people.
If you feel overwhelmed with such gory news, then switch off the internet and do what makes you happy. But for god’s sake, just don’t invalidate someone else’s suffering & the efforts of influencers/bloggers supporting the affected by saying “this needs to stop now” in the name of positivity. You didn’t do anything to help someone, fine, it’s your life and actions. But don’t criticise people who are going out of their way to help the aggrieved because it is inhumane and insensitive.

So if you still support this toxic positivity, then you are no different than the privileged who watched suffering and chose to look the other way in the name of positivity – the ones that our history books warn us about!

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