Christmas at home!

We are staying home for this Christmas in the light of plummeting cases in Delhi NCR. If you too are doing the same and are wondering what to do, here are some Christmas special movies that are readily available on Netflix:

🎄Klaus: A feel good and light movie based on the legend of Santa Claus and his postman Jesper and how these two characters transformed a hate embroiled town to a joyful place.

🎄Christmas Chronicles 1 & 2: What happens when people encounter the real Santa? Countless laughter moments and self realisation! Watch this flick to find out!

🎄Last Christmas: A feel-good but passable movie elaborating about the Christmas spirit and the zest towards life.

🎄A Boy Called Christmas: An elderly aunt narrates the story of the origins of Niklaus when the latter goes in search of his father into deep snow-covered mountains. This movie is visually stunning and heart-warming.

🎄Princess Switch: If you are looking for that princessy feel-good warmth, then do watch these cute movies about doppelgangers.

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