Book review – The Wheel of Time books 1,2, 3 and 4

Book review alert 🚨- The first four books of The Wheel of Time Series.

If you persist enough to read the second book titled “The Great Hunt” and love it, then there is no turning back for you. From the second book onwards, the complex plot gradually unfolds, the characters get through massive changes and developments and the fantasy elements keep growing and mesmerising the reader. Here are some salient features:
🐲There is a school of magic. And more schools come in further books.

🐲Nynaeve’s braid tugging when she is angry gets more hilarious as the story progresses.

🐲The stubbornness of the main character, the innocence of the Ogier & their reluctance to get married.

🐲The titles given by the common folk to characters when they take charge of a difficult situation – Hunter of Trollocs, Golden Eyes, Lord Dragon etc.
🐲The magic system is very well-developed and you will understand how some effects are created. There is “no foolish wand-waving” here but a magical effect is explained very well in interesting details.
🐲The politics! I was missing out on political strifes of a multi-ethnic/multi-cultural world when Game of Thrones ended. But my god, the plotting and planning, specially from unexpected characters will leave you in splits. WoT has its own versions of Lord Varys, Littlefinger and of course the Lannisters.
🐲The villains are vile but their back-stories are equally enriching.
🐲The in-your-face or underrated sarcasm and humour that lighten the stress of the plot.
🐲The sayings of different regions – the sea-folks always telling proverbs related to fish, a certain royal nurse of a kingdom having her own sayings about how high-borne ladies should behave, the desert landers always speaking something weirdly imaginative about water and so on.
🐲And the worlds – multiple dimensions or worlds and the world of dreams!
🐲The mannerisms and tension in the room when powerful characters interact with each other. Not a scene goes by when an Aes Sedai (the ladies wielding the one power or magic) are not staring each other to death, measuring the other person, folding their skirts in a certain fashion to express anger or tension and what not.
🐲Teachers using magic and hilariously changing the appearance of their students so that the latter look like kids/teenagers when the students do some mistake.
🐲The women circle’s power over the men’s council.
🐲Just when the story is slowing down, Robert Jordan pulls another red wedding.
🐲Not to forget talking animals – no spoilers from my side.

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