Book review – The Wheel of Time book 7 – A Crown of Swords

My, oh my, Robert Jordan delivers again on the 7th book of the Wheel of Time series. I was expecting fireworks, in your face humour and twisted politics. What I did not expect were a host of feel good moments, over shadowed characters coming into their own, introduction of a no-nonsense Mc Gonagall like character (which was required), kindness & loyalty soaking you up and tons of humorous instances!

You cannot and do not snatch a kingdom away from the Dragon Reborn, he can just pick-up your crown and “undo what is done.”

Our dear Dragon Reborn is still the suspicious angry young man but the other two Taveren’ are leading their own bands now and showing maturity, kindness and cunningness. The first two attributes are definitely not expected from the blower of Horn of Valere, but his chapters were the best in this book.

The Mc Gonagall of WoT is one character that I’ll be watching out for in the coming books. I’m reminded of the strictest school teachers and my mom when I was at my mischievous best. I wish she meets the blower of the Horn.

The angry lady always tugging at her braid has numerous laughter moments along with the daughter heir. The unlikely friendship between the daughter heir and the erstwhile Aiel-Maiden-of-Spear-who-can-channel is very warm and has its moments of hilarity for the observers.

Our new rebel Amyrlin is showing good progress under the guidance of the “silver pike” Amyrlin.

The Shaido wise ones, Elaida and members of the Black Ajah are at their villainy best – you just cannot stop hating them!

The crown of swords, the beautiful crown, the Laurel crown, does go to the deserving one and the reason stated by the council anointing the king is so heart-warming! No politics, no power, just plain basic humanity.

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