Book review – The Wheel of Time book 8 – The Path of Daggers

“You trouble me so, Rand-al Thor. Light, sometimes I think that the Creator made you to trouble me.”

And Rand-al Thor continues to trouble me!

Our Dragon Reborn is getting annoyingly arrogant of his “dragon” and undefeated status and it looks like the power or the saidin is getting to him. Thank Robert Jordan for introducing Cadsuane in time to check him but his taveren’ nature is a deterrent to the likes of Cadsuane as well.

There is a tear-jerking moment at the end of the Dragon Reborn storyline in this book and it sets a grim mood for what is to come next.

The “silverpike” Amyrlin is at her best with her sea folk sayings and witty humour. The child Amyrlin is gradually coming into her own with her twisted yet efficient political manoeuvres to keep the sparring sitters in line and do what is necessary for the greater good.

The group led by the Daughter Heir has major action in this book and the tensions amongst the Aes Sedai, the Kinswoman, the wavefinders of the Seafolk/Atha’an Miere and the Knitting Circle are high yet there are many hilarious moments. The point-of-view chapters of the erstwhile Aiel-Maiden-of-Spear-who can-channel are very well-written and show the contrast in the cultures in a laughable manner.

Perrin meets a nuisance and exerts his taveren’ nature, successfully in this book at least. The kidnapping series continues and the archs of the kidnapped characters are left on a cliffhanger at the end of this book.

I’m intrigued by the ending paragraphs of this and the last few books – the true incidents woven with colourful rumours, and how common men and women are spreading both.

I agree with the critics that not much action happens in this book but I disagree that this book is annoying and boring. The humour is top-notch and the character interactions are satisfying to read.

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