As the earth bears the May heat,
people yearn for an early treat,
And the mighty sun keeps on unleashing its powers,
Come June, and here comes the showers,
A day or two of solitude passes,
And then again, the timid clouds part away to make way for the arrogant sun,
the twinkle goes from everyone’s face,
as the sun continues to oppress us at a much faster pace.

Everyone’s given up hope of a monsoon,
And alas, the clouds continue to play hide and seek,
Wait a minute, is that a peacock’s screech?
“they say it senses the downpour as it comes out of its cocoon.

This time the clouds overpower the sun,
And the rain god finally defeats the solitary sun with his army of clouds,
And lo! and behold the beauty of the nature when it rains,
drops like diamond touching the parched earth,
the aroma of the earth as the drops nourish it,
the sweet sound of the downpour as it hits the ground,
the trees swaying gracefully in a cosmic dance,
And I watching all this, stand lonely in a trance………….

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