Magical voice

On a hot summer morning

In the blazing heat

Your cooling magical voice

Enchanted this broken soul

And my heart always skips a beat

When your voice comes across

For my soul sings along

When your voice soothes it

You laugh with me

And my whole world turns around

Or did this world just finish a rotation?

There comes your voice

Pacifying my anxieties

And I gloriously get lost in imaginary dates with you,

The rotating fan brings me to reality

And to the bitter truth of letting you go

I fell for you too soon

Your voice melted this stone-cold heart

That has waited and waited on and on

To hear your acceptance

Your love

Your feelings

So I’m letting you go

Because what is affection

If it is forced?

I’m letting you go

Because you are a free-bird

And I love to see you as one!

You didn’t break this heart again

You mended what was left of it

And me

So I’m letting you go

Because I’m finally healed


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