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Bhalla King, Lajpat Nagar central market, Delhi

Are you tired of the usual bhalla papdi and chaat? Are you looking for the traditional taste with a twist? Then think no more and head to Bhalla King situated in Aggarwal sweets, Lajpat Nagar central market.

The owners Ankita and Kartik are very warm and cheerful hosts and are doing their bit to reduce non biodegradable waste. You’ll notice wooden and paper cutlery at their store and in their delivery orders.

Palak Patta Chaat: The spinach leaves are densely coated with besan/chickpea flour and fried to crispy perfection. The blend of sweet sonth or red sauce, fresh cold yogurt and green mint chutney tastes good although their quantity can be reduced so that the flavour of spinach leaves comes out better. The use of banana in their red sweet chutney adds more density to the chaat.

Chaat platter: That was a huge platter! The humongous and crispy rajkachori had soft & spongy Bhalla, boiled chickpea, sev-moth and the lovely blend of yogurt, red and green chutney. The sev puri was hassle free with crispy & fine sev sprinkled over boiled and finely chopped spicy potatoes. But the best of the lot was the masala golgappa. The golgappase were of good quality – thin, crispy and airy and the green mint infused water was spicy but not too overwhelming.

Paav Bhaajhi: The paavs are well buttered and soft and the bhaajhi has a very different flavour – slightly tangy at times.

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Bindass Burgers, Shahpur Jat

I think I am attracting sustainable brands now and then and when it is a delivery outlet, my happiness becomes four fold.

The specialty about Bindass Burgers is that they their breads are freshly baked and sourced from a vendor who prefers not to use preservatives , their sauces prepared every day and their packaging eco friendly. Their burgers are held together by bamboo toothpicks which do not pose a health risk if they get broken unlike the wooden toothpicks.

Veg Korma (Shaami Kebab) Burger: The vegetarian Shaami patty is crispy and did not get soggy over the course of time. The refreshing mint mayonnaise sauce is prepared from pulverised mint leaves and mayo. Highly recommended.

Veg Bang Bang burger: This burger is aptly named because it is pretty spicy and the flavours do create a volcano on your palate.

Chicken Mexicano burger: Mexican flavours at their best! This burger is not for the faint hearted souls! The chicken patty is juicy from inside and crispy from outside and the fiery Mexican sauce along with the jalapeños provide a lethal combination. Highly recommended for spice lovers.

Peri Peri French fries: These fries are fashioned the way ideal French fries are fashioned – a light crunch and a slight gooey inside.

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Hale and Hearty, Hauz Khas, New Delhi

With the advent of modern age, processed food items are a regular thing now. Majority of us aren’t even aware that the myriad sort of allergies and diseases cropping up these days are a combined result of processed food and all the toxins that we are slowly absorbing into our system.

Hale and Heart is a very different concept cafe started by Shivani and Mani. They want to spread awareness about the wrong culinary choices that we are making and through their healthy and organic food menu, they wish to inculcate the habit of opting for freshly prepared meals which has the least amount of artificial flavours, chemicals and toxins in it.

All their breads are locally sourced from a French couple, all sauces made in house every morning, dairy products come from a local organic farm, herbal teas sourced from a curator in Dehradun and cheese are non processed. They are using honey and jaggery in their desserts and granola bars. And trust me, if you eat their granola, you won’t be asking anything for the next few bars.

Melon Feta: A salad which is first feasted through your eyes! Freshly and juicy scooped balls of musk & water melon, arugula, edible pansies and creamy feta cheese topped with pickled ginger – all the flavours bursting on your palate. Highly recommended.


Vietnamese glass noodles salad: Again a cold salad with the finest crunchy glass noodles, perfectly julienned vegetables drenched in the garlic soy dressing and topped with a generous dosage of sesame seeds and peanuts. Highly recommended.


Avocado Chorizo: Oh my! The creamy guacamole spread on a soft toast with crunchy periphery and topped with crispy pork chorizo bits and luscious goat cheese – a maelstrom of mouth gasmic flavours. Highly recommended.

Green Goddess Sandwich: A jolly good sandwich after a long time! A multi grain sandwich enclosing boiled chicken, crunchy lettuce & spinach imparting bitter flavour and avocado & pesto providing the necessary punch. One won’t be enough. Highly recommended.

Hummus bowl with Sumac Za’tar grilled chicken: A whole meal in itself! The hummus is the freakiest I have ever had as it has tahini mixed with it. The grilled chicken is topped in Za’tar spices thus rendering it tangy and spicy. Highly recommended.


Whole wheat brownie with Nutella: The brownie is grainy and is fashioned from whole wheat instead of refined flour. The Nutella topping is gooey as expected and a wonderful addition.


Feel good smoothie bowl: Their smoothie bowls are hugely humongous! I mean a dense yet light bed of strawberry, blueberry and raspberry yogurt smoothie topped with granola, fresh fruits and all sorts of seeds. As pointed by the owners, a complete meal in itself.


It is commendable what these ladies are trying to achieve. I, myself, am getting conscious about my food choices and it feels good to meet such like minded individuals who want to spread awareness through their work before it is too late.

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Biryani Project, Kalkaji, Delhi

The Biryani Project has recently launched its new outlet in Kalkaji and we could not wait to get our hands on their delicious Biryani’s.

The best part about Biryani Project is that they use clay pots for serving Biryanis and do not have any plastic packaging.

Hyderabadi chicken biryani: You know it is a good Hyderabadi Biryani when you can sense the aroma of spices when the lid of the clay pot is opened. The chicken pieces are drenched in the hot spices and the rice so perfectly cooked. Highly recommended.


Awadhi mutton Biryani: The aroma of saffron and kewda, the succulent mutton pieces and the long grained Basmati rice – it could not be better! Highly recommended.


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Jia Mom’s, Mayapuri, New Delhi

Peri Peri Exotic Veg Pizza: The crispy yet slightly thick wheat base with the optimal amount of cheese is a refreshing change. The paneer cubes, zucchini and sweet corn are perfectly grilled but could have been in a greater quantity though.


Veggie Heaven Pizza: Again a crispy wheat base with good quality cheese topped with baby corn, broccoli, sun dried tomatoes and mushroom which are perfectly grilled but could have been in a higher quantity.


Pappardelle in pesto sauce: Oh my! One of the best penne in pesto sauce I have tasted so far by a delivery outlet. The pesto sauce has the necessary bitter texture with optimal creaminess. The broccoli is juicy and the occasional bite of garlic is heavenly.


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Nando’s Punjabi Bagh, New Delhi

You know it is a special treat when you get to visit one of your favourite restaurants on your birthday. And that too a new outlet for you in the bylanes of Punjabi Bagh.

This one is not as big as the outlets in Connaught Place and Ambience Vasant Kunj, but the same warm hospitality welcomes you as you go on about the course of your meal.

Makhani Chicken Cashew Naan: Specifically designed for Indian taste, this dish is surely an explosion of flavours. The chewy butter naan is topped with juicy chicken chunks drenched in a Makhani gravy (with a generous sprinkling of Peri Peri of course) and finely chopped onions and green chillies. That zingy spicy fjavour of green chillies does hit you hard if you are not a fan but you can pre-order your Naan to be green chillies free.


Sweet potato & Corn Salad: Never knew or even thought of sweet potatoes in the form of crunchy chips. Pair them with plump sweet corn kernels, some peri-peri sprinkles, lemon and South American red chillies and you have a lip smacking appetiser.


Pulled chicken slider: The chicken was dry and with least flavours. The quality of slider bun is good though and the coleslaw was deliciously creamy with crunchy and finely julienned carrots & cabbage.


Red Velvet Cake: The best part of the day! The  cake is so luscious with decadent and fine layers of mascarpone cheese and chocolate sponge. The moderate sweetness adds to the charm.


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Casually, M block, Greater Kailash 2, New Delhi

Bangers and mash: The sausages are juicy and are easy to dig into.  The basil tomatoes are lightly grilled, the crunchy grilled vegetables taste of garlic, the mashed potatoes smooth & creamy and the onion sauce has a lovely flavour of black peppercorns.


Crumbled scotch eggs, feta & rocket leaves open sandwich: I would rather call this a toasty because of the bread used. The feta is used very sparingly on the bread and the crumbled eggs taste average.

Wheat flaked Chicken waffle: The savoury waffle is a good attempt at diversifying the menu. The waffle is chewy and not sweet and comes topped with sliced chicken breast and mint mayonnaise sauce. The chicken bits are crispy from outside and juicy from inside.


Ravioli De Magro: The spinach ravioli which tasted least like spinach! The finely chopped spinach leaves enclosed in soft ravioli and drenched in cheese sauce will titillate your palate. And the melt in the mouth texture is to die for!


Chocolate and Swiss roll: This dessert remotely tasted like a Swiss Roll. It was a rolled pastry and was topped with strawberry marmalade. The taste was good but looking at the quantity, it should cost around 40-50 bucks.


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