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Rice and Spice Delhi, Malviya Nagar, New Delhi

Packaging: Good

On time delivery

Awadhi mutton dum biryani: The mutton pieces were available in plenty and were mellow in taste but the biryani was way too spicy. Awadhi dum biryani is supposed to be high on flavours and low on spices but the case was opposite here. There were bundles of raw spices, burnt flavour of caramelized onions and absence of saffron – for a biryani, these are not good signs.


Hyderabadi chicken dum biryani: Well well, these folks surely know how to dish out the most juicy, spice loaded non vegetarian but again, this biryani was not as spicy as a Hyderabadi should be. RECOMMENDED.


Gaajar ka halwa: This fabulous Indian dessert deserves a worthy mention here. First, this has to be the best gaajar ka halwa I have had apart from my home. Second, the melt in the mouth consistency will leave you love struck. Third, the moderate sweetness and the subtle finesse with which it has been prepared will compel you to have more of it. The owner told me that they stir the grated carrots in ghee for a longer duration and this activity gives the halwa the requisite mouth warming texture. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.


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Delhi Rasoi, East of Kailash, New Delhi

Since I have been on a spate of exploring the delivery outlets of Delhi NCR, I have experienced the preparations of a handful of them and needless to say, there are few of them which leave an everlasting impression on me.
Delhi Rasoi is one such outlet which scored a 5 on 5 when it came to providing an enriching culinary experience while sitting in the comfort of your home. The order arrived well in time and here are the delicacies that I relished on:
Chicken Tikka: Such mellowness and tenderness coupled with the precise penetration of spices to the core and the crunchy smokiness adorning its exterior – HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Paneer Lababdar: Even a hard core non vegetarian like me fell in love with this. A thick buttery gravy with the bursting flavours of cardamom and tomatoes – each morsel tastes like divinity. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Hyderabadi Chicken Biryani: So finally after a long time, had a food gasmic biryani – the enchanting waft of long grained Basmati rice and spices topped with caramelised onions with chicken pieces drenched in the herbs to the core. The chicken is so well prepared that the flesh falls off easily from the bones – optimum moistness. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.


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Behrouz Biryani, Green Park, New Delhi

According to their site, Behrouz is an ancient city in Persia, which was well noted for its earthy biryanis. The story shown on the site was pretty interesting about the conquest of Cyrus the great on the lands of Behrouz and how he came to to experience this flavourful biryani. However, being a history lover myself, I was not naïve enough to believe in the story which was definitely a lovely read.

But I am highly impressed by the ingenuity of their aromatic Hyderabadi biryani. Adorned at the top with finely sliced almonds and coriander, possessing highly tender chicken pieces and drenched in spices, this biryani is one of a kind. The dish reeks classiness in every morsel. And the saalan and the raita served are not the usual ones you get at a typical Mughlai/Hyderabadi joint. The saalan is thick, has the wonderful flavours of rai seeds and fried curry leaves and is spicy to the core. The raita is innovative as well – pudina/minty flavour – who could have thought of that? HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.


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19 Flavours Biryani, Golf Course Road, Gurgaon

How about getting a biryani which is wonderful blend of both the Hyderabadi and the Awadhi one? The best of both the worlds will definitely surprise anyone of us, so I recently decided to taste this surprise from 19 flavours biryani.

The hidden meaning behind “19 flavours” refers to the release of a new item with a different flavour, every 19th day of the month. And apart from some the different varieties of biryani – authentic as well as blended, they are also experimenting in the other dishes of Mughlai cuisine.  We do need new flavours, so let us say thank you to this outlet for daring to think out of the box.

Enough with the jibber jabber, let us talk about food now :

Seekh Kebab : So even after an hour of taking the order, these kebabs were still juicy and soft. And what to say about the subtle tanginess in them! The quantity of spices was pretty low, but taken with the green chutney, the seekh kebabs tasted delectable.


Paneer Lababdar : The paneer was quite “lababdar” (tasty) here. The soft cottage cheese cubes were drenched in flavourful curry which will definitely remind you of butter chicken gravy. The curry has a prominent taste of tomato, garlic, onions, cumin seeds and cardomam. The gravy is creamy and smooth and goes well with their specialty Malabar Parantha.


Mutton Biryani : The concept behing 19 flavours is the amalgamation and blending of the Awadhi and Lucknawi biryanis along with a host of those which are indigenous to India, but have not been tasted on a commercial scale. This mutton biryani has the mutton pieces marinated so well that you can actually taste the dry, spicy and tangy flavour while gobbling on the mutton pieces. The rice is aromatic and is topped with chewy caramelized onions which lend their wonderful sweetness to this fusion biryani. The prominence of black cardamom adds the heat to an already spicy rice.

Phirni : When a phirni is green coloured, you know that generous amount of green cardamom has been used. So this one was subtly sweet (which is great), thick and had a rich flavour of green cardamom. I wish I could taste pistachios and saffron as well in this.


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Dil-e-nizam, Sector 14, Gurgaon

When it comes to Nizami or Hyderabadi cuisine, I love my Chicken 65 and Dum Biryani. But there are a host of other dishes to try and Dil-e-Nizam provided a perfect opportunity to me.

Located in Sector 14, Gurgaon, it is a delivery outlet. The order came well in time and was neatly packed, the way I specified. Well, my specifications are nothing compared to the perfect dinner that they sent me with their variety of flavours. So here are a few of them :

Bharwa Tangri Kebab : I am a big fan of Tangri Kebabs and when they are stuffed, I can surely say I will have a food coma. Firstly, the leg pieces were enormous and were generously stuffed with a rich mixture of chopped onions, garlic, yoghurt, minced chicken and spices. The resultant was a heavily loaded chicken leg pieces with the eruption of so many flavours. The kebabs are slightly tangy, slightly spicy and way too juicy. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Dum Gosht : So I wanted to try a different dish and ordered this one. And I must say I do not regret my decision. The gravy is the highpoint of the dish. It is well conjured, creamy, tangy due to the presence of tomatoes and yoghurt, spicy due to red chili powder and hot because of cinnamon. The occasional sweetness of fried chopped onions and pungency of garlic will surprise you. And the mutton pieces are well cooked, chewy and juicy. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.


Chicken Dum Biryani : This biryani can actually give the one cooked by Biryani Blues a stiff competition. Because their chicken pieces are heavily imbued in spices. When all the layers of the Biryani are mixed, the white of the rice changes to the dark brown of the spices. Moreover, the chicken pieces are chewy, soft and juicy and speak spicy every time you have them. The rice is well made and fragrant. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.



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Majeed’s, Sector 50, Gurgaon

My previous experience with Majeed’s went excellent and I had pretty high expectations for the recently opened Gurgaon outlet. Needless to say, I am mesmerised by their lip smacking, salivating and finger licking preparations. If you have not tried their outlet, then seriously guys, you are missing some good food gasmic moments.


The order arrived well in time and their signature packaging displaying their humble logo is a treat to the eyes. Moving on to the food which was ohhh-so-lovely, here are my views on them :

Chicken Hyderabadi Dum Biryani : While Biryani Blues loves dishing out extremely spicy Hyderabadi Biryani, Majeed’s believes in keeping it subtle. The biryani is so well made, moist, not too oily and contains huge pieces of chicken. The chicken is well laced with spices, moist, soft yet a bit chewy and flavourful. The taste of cardomam (green as well as black) is pretty prominent here. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

Mutton Kakori Kebab : So after Al Kauser, Majeed’s should get the best conjurer of these wonderfully soft kebabs. The aroma you get when you open the box is to die for. The sweet waft and flavours of saffron, screwpine essence and green cardomam, the silky soft texture of the kebabs and their melt in the mouth demeanour is to die for. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED


Afghani malai chicken tikka : Though all the dishes were excellent, this was the hero of the night. The soft, moist and chewy boneless chicken pieces are heavily drenched in a thick gravy of cream and yoghurt. The gravy has a smooth texture and is neither too runny nor too thick. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

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Biryani and Quorma Express, Baani square, Gurgaon

Biryani and Qorma have come to be associated with luxurious Mughlai cuisine and let’s face it, don’t we all crave these rich dishes when we want to have something special and Indian? Yes, we do! And with so many options coming up, we have a tendency to get confused about which outlet to chose.

The Biryani and Quorma Express brings to you the exclusive Deg Biryanis and Quorma from the bylanes of old Delhi. They claim to use the best quality spices, long grained rice and the best meat available. Their meat is procured from selected vendors and cut to perfection. And the best part – their chefs have a family legacy in Mughlai food spanning three generations!

I recently had the opportunity to try a few of their dishes and here are my reviews on them :

Mutton Quorma : Heavily loaded with screwpine essence, dry fruits, spices and oil, this is a must try. Once you drain the excess oil out, the aroma of screwpine becomes quite prominent. The gravy has a very fine texture and the mutton pieces are well lathered in them. The tanginess of yoghurt was perfectly balanced here. RECOMMENDED.


Mutton Biryani : The lack of spices, caramelized onions, saffron and good mutton pieces made this dish a downer. The rice were colourful but lacked flavours. Too much marred whatever remained of this biryani.


Phirni : Though it is yellow in colour but I highly doubt whether the kheer was simmered long enough to become phirni. The usual richness of this heavenly dessert is absent here. And also the sweetness was overpowering here.


Khameeri : Soft, thick and chewy, these tandoori rotis were well made.

Dal Tadka : Made up with chanaa daal, this could have been great with the presence of the pungency of garlic and the spiciness of dried red chillies. But a dish without salt can definitely affect your opinion of the dish. Could have been slightly better.


Keema Kaleji : I loved it! The kaleji was not hard and was soft and chewy – well cooked. The tanginess of yoghurt and the black pepper was pretty prominent here, so you can expect a burst of flavours in every bite. RECOMMENDED.


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