Nerd thoughts

For those of us always in the mood to pick up a fight, are we blessed by Ares, the God of War? Or is he stalking us?Just Percy Jackson nerdy thoughts!

Pandemic musings

For the people who have not travelled since this mayhem began, have you forgotten how to pose? 😉

Dreamy clouds

And the clouds brought happiness to the mountains!Throwback to these dreamy clouds at Lal Tibba in 2018.

This precious life

This life is too precious to be left into the throngs of destiny or played with or even risked for moments of socialization. If you can save even one life with your precautions, then it is all worth it!

Tasting rose

Rose as a food item?While the use of the fragrant rose petals is widespread in a few recipes, the trend is surely catching up in a variety of recipes. Have you ever added those delicate rose petals to your kheer or lassi? Let us know in the comments!

Cooking blunders

Yesterday, I was able to correct a cooking blunder and although I do not feel like a superhero, I feel it is worthwhile to share my experience:I usually add dried mushroom powder to sautéed vegetables to get that roasted umami flavour. But yesterday, while sprinkling the shiitake mushroom powder, a few tablespoons were accidentally thrown…