Trekking relief

The levelled roads appear so welcoming after a steep descent.

Mountain Canines

I think I miss those mountain fluffs more than travelling or trekking or even mountains. They are so considerate of your trekking routes and will always guide you to the right path.

Gratitude post

I am grateful to look at my old travel pictures and cherish such vibrant ambience when I feel morose. What are you grateful for today?

Travel nostalgia – Kareri Lake trek

My first snow trek happened in 2019 at the Kareri village trek. The maximum temperature was 5 degrees when we began the trek at the Kareri village. And the clouds in this picture don’t do justice to the wet atmosphere there – continuous downpour and the snowstorm

Pandemic life musings I

Maybe at this time, we can seek the brightness within.Who knows the outer vibrancy might come to us soon!

Menstruation and vaccines

There is no relation between reduced immunity 🤧 and 🩸🩸🩸 periods. Period.If it really was, then we’ll get be getting all sorts of viral & bacterial infections during menses and the ensuing immune system reactions such as fever, cough etc. If you cannot scientifically explain reduced immunity during periods, then don’t spread misinformation about not…

Earth Day special

Happy Earth 🌎 Day!Preserve the greens and release less pollution into the blues so that the whites stay white and we can enjoy the rest of the colours as they are!