Salad days – Subway, M.G.Road, Gurgaon

One of the few places where you can have a healthy, fat free meal which fills your stomach too!
I gave been here many times and I am very much satisfied with their salads, subways and the service.
Last week, we decided to have lunch from here. We ordered three salads – one veg salad without mustard, another veg salad with mustard and a tuna salad. I had asked the person on the phone to label the salads so that we are able to identify them correctly.
The order arrived well in time. The salads were labelled properly – good for me and them too! However, they did commit a few blunders. I had specifically told him to use less amount of sauces in the veg salad with the mustard sauce but contrary to my directions, copious amounts of sauces were used. The one without the mustard sauce was very spicy and it was difficult to eat it. The tuna salad was loaded with chilli and I had asked him not to use chilli sauces in it.
The vegetables were used were fresh and the tuna was good to eat. They had also given us ample quantity if forks though they were only three salads.

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