Groghead, Green Park, New Delhi

Is there any place in South Delhi which has a huge terrace and is serving a set of interesting dishes along with a lively ambience and long bar table? Yes, there is and it goes by the name of Groghead. Located in Green Park A block, just above the Hyundai showroom, it is hard to miss considering its big logo.

The ambience is kept simple with huge beer barrel tops adorning the wall. And each opener has a message written over it. They have a small dance floor as well.

Coming to our main discussion here, let us talk about food:

Chicken in Pesto Sauce- The chicken was soft and well cooked but the pesto sauce had not penetrated to the insides of the chicken. It felt as if it was coated in pesto. The sauce tasted bland though.

Mushroom tit bit- Chopped mushrooms made into rolls and served with tartar sauce. These were crispy from the outside with the insides tasting soft and chewy.

Drums of heaven- lovely, succulent chicken lollipops coated in hot chopped chilli garlic mixture and topped with spring onions. These were quite spicy in taste.

Keema pav- Delicious soft buns which were buttered to perfection enclosing minced meat drenched in heavenly spices and topped with a fiery green chilli. This dish is a must try.

Vada Pav- The buns were of the same consistency as in the keema pav but this time, they enclosed tasty potato patty which was quite hot and fiery in taste.

Fish in honey sauce- Average if you can not have a sweet tasting fish. The fish pieces were grilled well but were topped with a honey sauce which was quite ordinary.

Butter Chicken Pizza- This place is a heaven for pizza lovers. The thin crusted pizza with the freshest mozzarella cheese which gets quite fluffy when the pizza is being baked. The addition of small pieces of chicken drenched in butter chicken masala is delightfully yummy.

Mushroom Margherita- Lovely! Small chunks of button mushrooms are embedded in the hot melted mozzarella spread on the thin crust. The mushroom and the cheese make a good chewy combo.

Margherita- Hats off to them for making margherita interesting. The tomato slices are an add on to the cheese and tomato sauce topping. This pizza is way too yummy and a must try.

Mushroom Stroganoff- I hate the fact that this was not served with rice. But it was foodgasmic. The creamy sauce was flavourful and the mushrooms were chewy. There was a prominent taste of the dried herbs- oregano which made it tastier.

Red Sauce Pasta- Served with crispy garlic breads and including juicy and chewy mushrooms and broccoli and little pieces of bell peppers and baby corn, this had a very different taste from our usual pasta. The topping of grated cheddar along with the prominent flavours of tomato and garlic made it delectable. The sauce tasted as if it had the tastemaker of Maggi. Who knows?

White Sauce Pasta- Delightfully creamy and foodgasmic can be excellent phrases for this wonderful dish. Well boiled pasta in a yummy sauce served with buttered crispy garlic breads.

Mutton Seekh Kebab- Good and chewy with aroma of grounded spices filling you.

Chicken Wings- These were drenched in honey chilli sauce and were juicy in taste.

Fish and Chips- These were served with tartar sauce. The fish was fried in cylindrical pieces in a batter of semolina which made it crispy. The potato fries were good. The fish pieces were crispy on the outside and juicy from the inside.

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  1. The description of menu items has got me interested. Nice review.

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